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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

In our life’s journey we are always surrounded by inspirational people, people that continuously make a difference to our lives and more importantly to the lives of those less fortunate. One such lady has truly been an inspiration and a phenomenal role model to us and it is with pride and much love that Sweet Pea Collection pays tribute to Adelaide Cameron, who for the past 20 years had knitted over 120 jerseys a year for the Johannesburg Child Welfare.
With her sad passing in January 2015, Sweet Pea Collection decided to honor this incredible gesture by introducing “Granny Sweet Pea”. We approached a local old age home in our immediate area and we now have a group of granny’s hand knitting beautiful baby jerseys which are for sale in our shop.
Granny Sweet Pea ensures that our granny’s have a steady flow of income and that the sale of every jersey ensures another jersey can be knitted for these children that were so close to Adelaide’s heart.
If you would like to contribute to the Granny Sweet Pea drive, please contact us. To grow this project will not only keep Adelaide’s beautiful memory and dream alive, but will bring warmth and joy too many little angels…

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