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We have spent much time sourcing the perfect products to make up the Sweet Pea Collection. We have put together a good mix of local and international brands that are of the highest quality and have an outstanding following in the market place. We continue to source new and interesting things. Join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for additions to our existing collections.


Explore all the quirky cuteness from the creators of the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored. Established in London in 1999 and launching many new soft toy designs every January and July, there is always something original and quirky yet incredibly soft and sumptuous to find. Irresistibly cuddly, sophisticatedly silly, hilariously humorous, a perfect gift for all ages!

Lily ‘n Jack

Lily ‘n Jack, the designers and manufacturers of the award winning Baby Bath Apron and Snuggle Bunny™ and Blankie range – the ultimate self-soothers to help calm and settle your little one. Touch is the first means by which a baby can communicate with the world. Snuggle Bunnies’ soft, luxurious feel stimulates physiological and emotional responses in a child / baby and promotes healthy development and sleep.

Sophie la Girafe

The famous giraffe Sophie has been part of babies’ lives for nearly 50 years. First created in France in 1961, she has become so popular that 99% of French babies have a Sophie! Worldwide, over 50 million Sophies have been sold and she has become a favourite toy amongst celebrities.

  • Sophie is handmade in France using 100% natural rubber and food quality paint.
  • She is BPA- and phthalates free and is the safest toy for your child.
  • Sophie is sweet, funny and stimulates all five of a baby’s senses.

Slender, flexible and soft, your baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. Lovable and amusing, she makes a happy sound when squeezed which stimulates hearing and helps your baby to understand the link between cause and effect. She is perfect for soothing sore gums when teething. Sophie is made of natural rubber from the Hevea tree and her distinctive smell makes her very special and easy for your child to identify amongst all his other toys. Your child will love Sophie!


For the past 17 years Willowbrook Cotton Company’s speciality has been the manufacturing of bedtime products from 100% natural fibre. Willowbrook Cotton Company believes that a good night’s sleep is essential for the well being of babies, children and adults. The advantages of using natural fibres are as follows:

  • Pure cotton is a breathable fabric and as such, has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin. Cotton sheets feel cool to the touch on warm days yet will provide you warmth on chilly days
  • Being a hypo-allergenic fabric, it is ideal for those prone to allergies or skin irritations. As cotton is also soft to the touch, this makes it comfortable for the wearer.
  • Using 100% cotton bed linen will mean it will withstand years of washing. Poly-cotton blends have a strong tendency to pull when washed frequently.


Thandana is a home grown luggage brand designed and produced in Durban, South Africa. We have created luggage which makes travelling fun and exciting, with unique yet affordable pieces. Thandana is home-grown chic at its best, with a focus on immaculate workmanship and quality. The bags are made using locally produced fabrics and genuine South African leather. The Thandana Team is committed to offering innovative design and is passionate about South Africa and supporting the local industry. We are always on the lookout for new fabrics, trends and exciting luggage and bag ideas. Thandana has a focus on buying all their fabrics and leather locally and is 100% BEE compliant.

Miss Shorthair

Miss Shorthair is a small Glasgow based company specialising in the design of unique vintage scarves for women. Maggie and Ann set up this company in 2006, as a small shop in Notting Hill London, with aspirations to produce stylish, good quality scarves, bags and accessories for the boutique consumer. Our scarf designs cover a range of fashion trends from classic looks to urban vintage. They are designed to suit a variety of occasions with fresh new designs brought out several times a year to prepare for each season. Whether our customers are looking for light summer scarves or cozy winter shawls we supply a large variety of styles and materials for women of all ages.


Shine-ink jewellery inspired temporary metallic tattoos are fabulous for the beach, a night (or day) out on the town, festivals and concerts. Each Shine-ink Temporary Metallic Tattoos pack consists of 4 assorted sheets (size 10 x 21cm) of temporary tattoos for you to create your own unique designs. Safe for the skin, but please do not use near the eyes, or if you have sensitive skin. Shine-ink Temporary Metallic Tattoos last 3-7 days depending on where they are placed.


We create handmade bath & body products and hand crafted home ware using natural ingredients with African origins. Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, craftspeople and the environment.


Seduction is a light sensation…
You first meet them with your eyes. Batucada jewels and sandals form delicate and harmonious patterns on your skin… your eyes can’t resist. Then, you want to touch them. Your fingers feel a soft, light and versatile material which barely touches your skin and is really comfortable to wear. Batucada has its spell on you now, you want more.

You wear them and experience something you’ve never felt before. With its tattoo effect, the jewel has actually become a part of you. Totally irresistible and quite unique.  Feel free to create new patterns : items can be combined or juxtaposed, colours merge and new shapes come to life…

Our sandals have been designed to make your feet slimmer and incredibly sexy. Slip your foot in and discover how sensuous it looks! With such a wide range of shapes and bright colours, summer is definitely at your feet and you’re going to love it… A brand new generation of accessories is born.

Little treasures of delicacy

Batucada also treats nature as a treasure…
All our creations are hand-made with an exclusive material, 100% recyclable, totally eco friendly – lead-free, oil-free, phthalate-free.

Little treasures of creativity

To create its subtle and delicate patterns, Batucada has worked in partnership with a pool of gifted stylists and designers: Otalia Noël (designing for YSL, Armani, Thierry Mugler, Givenchy), Tanaka You (artistic designer for J.J. Ory, architect), Gérard Di-Macio (painter), Caroline Homery, Carmen & Alan (Hong-Kong) etc.

Successful treasures

Batucada jewellery charms people throughout the world : Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taïwan, South Africa, Namibia, Israel , Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary…


From humble beginnings seven years ago, LOUENHIDE is emerging as a one of Australia’s favourite accessories brands helping shape the style of modern day women of all ages and budgets. A LOUENHIDE design is easily recognised by our range of signature handbags in classic designs coupled with vibrant colour palettes.

Our team, headed up by successful duo Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey, are passionate about designing and creating beautiful handbags, shoes and accessories that are accessible to every woman, every day.

We are passionate about and committed to creating products that marries our customers’ wants and needs with classical and fashion-forward designs. The LOUENHIDE woman epitomises classic quality and value for money, loving pieces that are versatile with her seasonable wardrobe and her desire for quality accessories that take her seamlessly from work to play.

From its beginnings as a boutique label designed in Brisbane (Queensland), LOUENHIDE’s vision to be an internationally recognised fashion brand is well on its way. Our designs with their famous pop of colour and elegant styles can now be spotted in more than 500 retailers throughout Australia and a further 500 international retailers – 300 stores across 45 states in the US, and 200 stockists in the UK, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. There’s a LOUENHIDE for every woman every day.

Barely There Gems

Barely There Gems are a touch of something precious. They are the perfect gift and the perfect accessory to your own unique style. Each Barely There is a beautifully faceted semi precious stone that hangs as a single jewel on the décolletage. Simple yet outstanding, a Barely There is the way to make a delicate fashion statement. The gem is suspended on a transparent string and fastened at the back with three small Swarovski Crystals. Gemstones are renowned for their energetic qualities and are far more than just beautiful pieces of rock. In ancient cultures they had sacred meanings and their healing properties were as important as their decorative ones. Every ‘Barely There’ is packaged on a card stating the energetic qualities and beneficial attributes of each gemstone. Barely Theres can be worn as a necklet, on the wrist, as a bracelet or around the ankle as an anklet, becoming three accessories in one.

The Tea Merchant

Established in 2009 after two years of searching for the best teas, The Tea Merchant commenced importing tea into South Africa some five years ago in order to satisfy a small group of tea lovers. This has growen into a business today that is passionate about quality tea, teapots and accesorries. Our teas are imported primarily from China with a predominance of teas from Fujllan Provence, although teas from other areas are also available, We source leaves directly from the farmers and blend them in Europe ensuring only the highest quality teas are delivered.


It was at this time that Gilly met Chris Duigan, a concert pianist, and started to hold classical music evenings in our new home. Chris would play the piano or invite talented musicians from around the world to play, while Gilly delighted guests with tasty treats from the family kitchen. It was at one of these concerts in 1999 that Gilly first decided to make nougat, getting inspiration from a little old French recipe book. “My first batch of nougat was an absolute disaster,” Gilly recalls, “I had to keep it in the fridge to stop it running on to the floor!”

Never one to shy away from a challenge, and encouraged by friends and family, Gilly spent the next 6 months perfecting the recipe and started to sell it at the local farmers market. Soon the word spread and helpful owners of local stores started to stock it.  Before long the family kitchen was a hive of activity and Taffy was up until the wee hours of the morning cutting nougat with a carving knife and a bread board.

Much has changed since the days of the family kitchen. The production line has moved to state-of-the-art facilities on our small farm in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, and now employs the whole family and roughly 60 production and admin staff. But some things never will change, like Gilly’s tried and tested recipe, hand making our nougat in small batches and never taking short cuts with ingredients.


I suppose I’ve been a closet foodie all my life. I have always found food inspirational and I love hosting dinner parties for my friends. When I wasn’t eating or cooking, I was buying hitherto unknown ingredients or experimenting with fresh produce. My travels to gastronomic countries like Morocco, Spain and Argentina further fueled my love for food.

Five years ago I took my cooking and culinary experimenting to a new level. Initially I started making jams. Every new season brought on a quest for fresh produce. Sourcing figs and apricots led me to the most interesting people — there was no turning back. Slowly but surely my home industry expanded to include many different suppliers; what started off as one outlet soon grew too many.

After jam I added a balsamic glaze, followed by a tangy mustard glaze… and the list just grew and grew. I do not believe in using any  preservatives; I do not use any additives either – I use fresh products, adding a bit of this, a touch of that, and an ample amount of passion for cooking and entertaining. My balsamic glaze has a distinctive taste that can be attributed to the addition of stick cinnamon, star aniseed, vanilla pod and cardamom. The mustard glaze has an extra sweetness with a hint of condensed milk. Fig jam is the only jam that has a bit of ginger as well as some fig leaves. Nothing gives me a bigger boost than someone complimenting my products. Recently a client quipped that I need to enlarge the sizes of my packaging, as her family goes through it too quickly! My heart swelled…

Dalewood Fromage

Dalewood Fromage is an integral part of Dalewood Farm. It is an artisanal farmstead operation producing cheese from the ground up with the goal to handcraft. The source is Dalewood’s own Jersey milk which makes it a genuine ESTATE cheese. Dalewood’s unique recipe was formulated by Rob Visser who studied Dairy Technology under the guidance of renowned South African Norman Robertson. After years of experimenting, time in France sniffing out traditional cheese making secrets and countless cheese tastings the Wineland range was launched – inspired by the magic and romance of the surrounding vineyards. The range of speciality cheese includes Brie, Camembert and Blue in different styles, shapes and sizes to suit any occasion. Last but not least is the Huguenot®; uniquely Dalewood, uniquely South African.

Good to know Dalewood cheese can be made to order and ripened for any function or event. To enhance flavour profile white mould cheese (Brie, Camembert & Blue) should be served at room temperature. Because of its eco friendly approach to farming Dalewood is able to produce a natural product with no preservatives, colourants or flavourants and suitable for vegetarians. Dalewood cows never receive growth or milk production increasing hormones; neither do they receive any unnecessary antibiotics. Bottom line; the cows are happy and happy cows produce valuable, delicious milk, which in turn makes good cheese. We hope you’ll taste the difference!

Grace Collection

We are honoured to represent the South Carolina, USA based company Grace Management Group. This family owned company was established in 1975 and over the past 35 years, refined its expertise in fragrance, colour, product formulation, packaging and trends to become one of the largest home fragrance manufacturers in the world.

Their unique approach to business, which we would like to emulate, creates an environment that fosters enthusiasm, relationships, and product excellence. Greenleaf is sold in over 90 countries around the world and Grace Management continues to focus on developing quality products and fragrances.

Contained in this Signature Fragrance Collection are 4 distinct brands each with their own defining fragrances, unique artwork, original style and distinctive packaging. All fragrances are based on natural ingredients and manufactured on Grace Management premises by their own parfumier.  Packaging is “green” and biodegradable.

Distributing our Signature Home Fragrance Collections through Interior & Décor stores, Gifting & Clothing Boutiques, Homeware Stores & Pharmacies allows the consumer to share in the experience. Wholesaling to larger retail outlets, spas, hotels, boutique hotels and guest houses ensures merited distribution of a truly excellent creation.

Grace Collections vision is to share splendour, awaken potential and bestow grace through passion & inspiration.

Urchin Art

Urchin Art is a home, body and giftware design company, handcrafting most of its products at its premises in Cape Town. We believe in innovative design and quality products at an affordable price. Inspired by the beauty of nature and driven by the desire to create, Urchin Art has been producing gift packs, candles, bath products and fragrances since 2003. Our range includes Pause, a range of body products, room diffusers and soaps as well as a host of innovative ceramic pieces for your home. Our latest creation includes a wide range of functional ceramic dinnerware. Our red heart range has become somewhat a symbol of our love for beautiful tableware. Our product range keeps growing as we strive to design elegant, yet functional products to make your home a beautiful place. Our products are all hand made by slip casting stoneware. Each item is hand painted and then Fired to 1200′ to ensure durability. Our products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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